Creative Coding Level 2 - Games, Apps and Robotics

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£345 - £485

Creative Coding Level 2 - Games, Apps and Robotics

Advance your child’s coding skills this Spring!

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Classes are held from 10 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday or Tuesday to Friday

Course Description

Our young coders will be honing their programing skills as they are introduced to new concepts and tools!

Being able to program computers is a skill essential to success in the world of the future. Not only is it a critical skill but it is a creative endeavour which teaches problem solving and analytical thinking. The younger children learn to code and the more practice they gain, the more fluent they will become in 'computational thinking' and the better their chance is to excel.

This holiday camp will allow children to develop their skills in a number of coding languages. We will begin our coding adventure with advancing our coding skills in Scratch by creating complex games and performing tasks with minimal instructions. Then, we will begin exploring more difficult coding concepts by developing an understanding in JavaScript and Bitsbox, where we will make amazing games like ‘Zombie Catcher’ and ‘Kitty Rescue’. Our young coders will have a great time creating characters and programming them to make games they can share with their friends in an 'App' format. 

Children will also get to release their inner engineers in the form of building and programming robots.  We will use robots to complete a variety of exciting challenges that will bring out the children's competitive side.  

This coding course is designed to test our young coders skills by giving them more independence and less instructions. It  will allow children to explore their creativity in the form of programming, will develop their critical thinking skills, and will prepare them in the digital-based future. Not only your child will develop important coding skills, but they will have an amazing time designing games, building robots and making new friends.

Achievements and outcomes

Our teachers will actively record your child’s work throughout the camp and share it with you through ClassDojo - an app which allows you to see photos of your child’s work, be involved in your child’s progress, and message the teachers directly if you have any questions. The children will also receive a certificate of completion on the final day.

We will also send you a report card updating you on your child's progress after camp.

Topics covered:
- Intermediate coding concepts: loops, variables, conditionals and functions
- Mathematical concepts: coordinates, angles, and operations
-  Robotics: using input and output device
- Electronics concepts: resistance, voltage, and current
- Introduction to JavaScript
-  Games creation
- Fundamentals of Bitsbox 
- Touch-typing


This is a level 2 course for children that have an understanding of basic coding concepts. Students should be proficient in using the computer – comfortable using both the mouse and keyboard. Also, an understanding of Scratch is useful, although not essential.

Students should bring a packed lunch with them (no nuts please!) We will provide a snack and water during the day.

Laptop Policy: For this class, we operate a ‘bring your own laptop’ policy. If this is not possible, we do offer laptop hire, however, this is subject to availability.

‘Early drop off‘ at 9 am available every day! 9 am - 10 am arrival on the first day of camp.

Attendance for individual days can in some cases be arranged. To discuss, please contact us on or using the live chat icon at the bottom of your screen.

Unsure if this class is suitable for your child? Get in touch for advice!