Creative Coding Levels 1 & 2 - Minecraft Modding

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£395 - £435 (early bird)

Creative Coding Levels 1 & 2 - Minecraft Modding

Is your child mad for Minecraft?

Turn that love of playing games into a passion for creating them with our modding masterclass.

***Please note: we have an Early Bird discount of £50 for our Summer coding camps which is already added to the price (Summer camp discount expires on 24th June)!***

Classes are held from 10 am to 4 pm, Monday-Friday during Summer holidays and Tuesday to Friday (four days) during May half-term.

Course Description

Campers will learn how to make their own awesome Minecraft mods throughout the week of creeper smashing, world building and sheep shooting fun.

Students will learn how to make their own personalised Minecraft mods. We’ll be using a blockly programming language to code and create our own items, weapons, mobs, and games while improving our programming skills. We’ll learn how to use loops, functions, variables, and conditionals to make a mini-game, complete with their own modded items, mobs, and skins.

Topics covered in Minecraft Modding Level 1

-Use Blockly-based programming to create scripts to modify Minecraft

-Customise 3D printed creepers

-Learn how texture packs work in Minecraft through tangible paper crafts

- Understand coding concepts like  loops, variables, and conditionals

Topics covered in Minecraft Modding Level 2

- Create more advanced versions of mods

- Show campers the behind-the-scenes the code in Javascript that they can then apply to their mods

- Use red stone (the equivalent of Minecraft electricity) for more advanced modding

- Learn about making their own game controller or physical computing attachments


For Level 1 Minecraft Modding, campers must know basic programming concepts like Scratch and have confidence in their typing skills. This course is suitable for beginner coders aged 7-9 and older.

Once your child has mastered Creative Coding Level 1 -  Minecraft Modding and/or has studied Scratch in school or at an after-school club, they would be eligible for Creative Coding Level 2 - Minecraft Modding. This is a more advanced course which requires coding knowledge, touch-typing, and understanding of more complex coding concepts, and it is suitable for children 9-12.

Outcomes and Achievements

Our teachers will actively record your child’s work throughout the camp and share it with you through Class Dojo. This is an app which allows you to see photos of your child’s work, be involved in your child’s progress and message the teachers directly if you have any questions. The children will also receive a certificate of completion on the final day.


All our camps have time for play! All our campers will be given time to play outside everyday, weather and location permitting. Our campers can participate in a variety of activities like football, tag, or just playing out!


All of our coding teachers are highly qualified and thoroughly vetted by DBS checks. Many of our teachers have Master’s degrees in Computing from top universities. We have working relationships with local London institutions, such as Goldsmith’s, University of London, who recommend their top students to us as teachers.

Our staff are also vetted, and at each camp, we have a staff member who is Emergency First Aid certified.


We want all blue{shift} campers to have an enjoyable and safe experience. For the safety of  all campers, disruptive, rude, or bullying behaviour will not be permitted or tolerated at blue{shift} creative coding camps.

Blue{shift} and our staff are not responsible for any valuables brought to a camp by the student or parent.  

Other Information

We have laptops available to rent for the day or for the week. If you are interested, please order during checkout.  

‘Early drop off‘ at 9 am available every day! Your child can have peer play between 9 am - 10 am before camp officially begins.

Fees do not include lunch. Students should bring a packed lunch with them (no nuts please!) We will provide a snack and water during the day.