Little Coders Club

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Little Coders Club

Club Description

This club helps children take their first steps into the coding and robotics world. Designed to keep the youngest coders engaged throughout the whole term, a fast-paced series of activities will help extend students' critical thinking skills and flex their creative muscles. Our coders will create games and animations in Scratch, build and program cool robots, and solve logical problems while having lots of fun!

The club aims to introduce new coders to basic ICT skills and build a foundation in coding concepts. Basic ICT skills and introductory computing concepts are an important first step for children to be able to grasp the concepts which will be taught in school with the new National Computing Curriculum.

Throughout the term, we will give our coders a taster in robotics and electronics concepts through the exploration of fun robotics platforms! Children will also develop their programming skills using Scratch Jr and Scratch, an introductory programming language that enables young children to create their own stories and games.

By the end of the term, students will be at ease using computers, having developed computer literacy skills such as using the keyboard and mouse. They will be more confident in solving logical problems, and will have a better understanding not only about coding, but also Maths and Physics.

Topics covered

- Letter recognition on the keyboard
- Left and right mouse clicks
- Logic games
- How do computers work?
- How to build and program robots?
- Computational thinking

- Animation and Coding
- Game making with Scratch Jr
- Introduction to Scratch
- Introduction to electricity and circuits


This is a beginners course and students do not need any previous experience with coding. Some activities do require a basic level of reading and writing.

We will provide all the equipment.