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Our courses are a place for children (and their parents) to learn, experiment and explore with code.

Our students create their own games, animations, films, music, art and robots. We help our students bring the products of their imagination to life.

We believe that understanding how coding and electronics work can transform your child’s future and empower them to be an innovator of tomorrow.

We work with a range of schools and have taught children as young as 5, all the way up to A-level. Some of the schools and educational bodies we have worked with include Wandsworth Council, Ealing Council, Sussex House, Wetherby School and Knightsbridge School.

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from £305

Mini Coders

Get your child’s first coding adventure started this half term!

In this course, we introduce your child to logical reasoning and coding concepts. Children will get to grips with computational thinking, building  and programming robots, and will even make their own games with code! Through a fast-paced series of activities, your child will extend their critical thinking skills and flex their creative muscles.


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from £305

Creative Coding Level 1 - Scratch and Robotics

Launch your child’s adventure into the digital world!

This Scratch programming course builds a strong foundation in computer science and creative problem solving through making animations and games. We will learn to create storylines, program characters and construct our own games. We will build and program our own robots and expand  touch typing skills, a key element in any programmer’s life.  

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from £345

Creative Coding Levels 1 & 2 - Minecraft Modding

Minecraft modding for creative minds!

Turn that love of playing games into a passion for creating them with our five-day modding masterclass. Students will learn how to make their own personalised Minecraft mods. We’ll be using JavaScript and the Blockly programming languages to code and create our own items, weapons, mobs, and games while improving our programming skills.


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From £345

Creative Coding Level 2 - Games, Apps and Robotics

Advance your child’s coding and robotics skills this holiday!

This course is a first step towards gaining a more proficient understanding of how code works and challenges children with thinking without instructions. Children will get to create a variety of fun games and apps using Bitsbox, an exciting coding language from JavaScript library. They will also get to build and program robots. This is a perfect choice for young coders just beginning their digital adventure.


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Creative Coding Level 3 - Python

Let your young master coders shine this half term and Easter holiday!

Our top-level coders will be learning Python, one of the most commonly used programming languages, especially favoured by academic institutions. It is a higher-level coding language, and so this course will help aspiring young game designers to get ahead in the industry. This course will challenge both students that have used Python before and the ones that haven’t as we will focus more on writing our own code without instructions and the limitless creations that can be done with code.

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Ages 10-13

Creative Coding Level 3 JavaScript

Students will be introduced to more advanced programming environments. They will develop games and create complex animations using the JavaScript coding language.


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Little Coders Club

Get your child introduced to the amazing coding and robotics world with this incredibly fun and educational after school club. This club is full of robot building, animation, game making and problem solving activities. Students will learn about computers and technology while also developing their STEM skills and unleashing their creativity.