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the blue{shift} story

The blue{shift} story

In 2013, I was approached by some mums who were keen for their children to learn to code.

I had been teaching computer-based design at the university level in London and had children of my own. I was also passionate about empowering children to create with code as opposed to simply consuming technology through …

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Why Every Child Should Learn to Code

As a parent, you’ll likely have heard from at least one source that children should learn more about computer science in general, and programming in particular. But have you ever wondered exactly why?









Learning to code gives children a toolkit for turning their ideas into real-life, working things. With even a basic knowledge …

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Coming soon!


We are in the process of introducing scholarships to you!

As a non-profit organisation, we want to make sure that everybody that wishes to learn how to code, could. However, we understand that the prices for our courses can be out of reach for some.

If you wish to get involved and make a child’s dream …

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Jobs: We’re Hiring

blue{shift} is looking to grow our team of operational staff, teachers and educators who want to inspire children to express their creativity through the language of code. We are specifically looking for team members to fulfil the following roles:


Minecraft Expert & Creative Coding Teacher
Creative Coding Teacher of JavaScript and Python
Creative Coding …

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Terms and Conditions


1.1. In these Terms and Conditions (“these Conditions”), the following terms shall have the following meanings:

‘Booking Form’ the online booking form by which details of the Student and the Camp/ Club he/she wishes to attend are submitted to blue{shift} coding;

‘BS’ {blue}shift coding Ltd of Studio 36, 65 Alfred Rd, London, W2 5EU;

‘Camp/Club’ the camp …

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Online Resources

Online resources


Lesson plans:


Exercises and worksheets:




Useful Programs:


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Managing screen time – when, where and how?

One of our favourite parent blogs, Tech Age Kids has been asking readers to answer a series of questions about Kids, Parenting and Tech…

With the holidays coming up and kids out of school we thought we would take a stab at this one:
How does your family manage device usage or screen time? (Tablets, …