A typical day at blue{shift} camp

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A typical day at blue{shift} camp

11th June 2015

9:45 – 10am: Welcome Campers! Sign in, wave your adults goodbye and buckle up for a day of fun.

10.00am: Kick off with ice-breaker games and get to know each other – we guarantee you’ll get to laugh at your teachers and their silly antics!

10:15am: Introduction to our activity for the day. Let’s get coding!

11:30am: Fruit snack and water.

11.45am: Back to Coding, building, designing and creating.

1:00pm: Lunch box time – grab your packed lunch, fuel up and re-focus that brain of yours.

1:30pm: Outdoor games – let’s get physical (we may even re-enact some of the games we make on our laptops!!)

2:00pm: Back to Projects – put the finishing touches to round off and perfect your creations.

3:30pm: Show and tell – you’ll get the chance to impress your friends with your fine handiwork, attention to detail and creativity.

4pm: Pack your bags, go home and chill out after a day of challenging yourself to the max!