After School Clubs

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After School Clubs

30th September 2017

blue{shift} provides a variety of creative coding and robotics after school clubs for schools. We teach a variety of coding languages for students of all ages, starting as early as reception.

We work with schools in providing support for their National Computing Curriculum so that their students have a space to develop their programming skills in addition to in-school computing classes.

Being able to program computers is a skill essential to success in the world of the future. Not only is it a critical skill but it is a creative endeavor which teaches problem solving and analytic thinking. The younger children learn to code and the more practice they gain, the more fluent they will become in ‘computational thinking’ and the better their chance is to excel.

Please find a  timetable of some of the classes that we teach. If you wish to find out more about the clubs that we offer, please download the PDF where you will find the full descriptions.

Clubs timetable Full list of club descriptions